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Welcome To Tân Long Sports


- Tan Long Trade and Construction Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in the context of economic and social developed of Vietnam is strong: the stock market, real estate thrive every day to make up the market construction big is the premise convenient for the fledgling company to reach.

- We, the young men, passionated worked diligently, creatively to capture the favorable opportunities, overcome difficulties to survive and grow with the platform brand TANLONGSPORTS.


- Constantly grown to become a leading company in the field of design, consulting, construction, supply and installation of equipment works and sports complexes.

- Continue to invest in research, construction management systems, human resources, products and technology, expand business areas to become a multi-industry company.


- Improving income, raising the quality of life.

- Contribute to build modern facilities for the development of sports in particular and the development of Vietnam society in general.

- Strengthening social and unions activities, contributing and share the difficulties of the less fortunate in society.


- Do not stop working, creative with the guideline "Quality is top priority."

- Board of Directors and all employees of Long Tan understand that every detail of our products are the expectations of customers, the trust of customers is the success of Tan Long.


A successful business is an enterprise can bring prosperity and opportunity for all people with cultural platform values: Tan Long always considered business culture of the company is the foundation of developping.

Here gathers and glorified all human elements in business and in the colleagues relationship aimed towards sustainable development.

Company leaders always consider issue of taking "person-centered apparatus" and take "customer to be oriented goals."


The brand has gradually been chosen by investors, consulting and design companies,. TANLONGSPORTS proud to be recognized as a market leading quality brand with reputation in the field of design, consulting, construction, supply and installation of equipment for closed sports facilities from consulting, design, deployment of construction, after-sales service and warranty. We already undertake execution, design consulting projects across the country.

  • Football Stadium - artificial grass:

- Mounted on the asphalt surface, concrete ...

- Raw materials imported from US, Europe

- There are many product lines suitable for professional competitions, training.

- Completely meet the standards of FIFA pitch.

- There are many colors to choose from and combine.

- High durability, UV resistance.

- Use in the long term, with 1-5 year warranty depending on the type of grass.

- Environmental Friendly materials.

  • Football pitch - natural grass:

- The grass seeds are sown by pure imported from America.

- Dark green and slim grass leaves.

- Tough and thick body grass interwoven to become carpets cover pitch surface: create smooth, good elasticity for ball to bounce and roll accurately, prevent injury to players.

- Bearing friction and impact resistance, have the ability to recover quickly.

- Grass roots embedded deep in the sand: helps the turf avoid from peeling during the game, with high durability.

- Can play in the rain, not marshy.

- The pitch is always flat, no convex and concave after putting into use thanks to the ability to self-flattening of sand after roller.

  • Athletics running track:

- Technology and products imported from Europe to create elastic surface without causing collapse, foam, increase life expectancy of the project.

- The construction was designed to do by experienced specialists, modern machinery, ensuring surface from peeling or being damaged.

- Drawing the line taken by the foreign experts have extensive experience and recognized by the IAAF.

- Achieve international standards

  • Sports flooring, versatile flooring:

* Sport floors, versatile indoor floor includes:

- PU cast in place floor

- PVC flooring can be assemble, specialized carpet: tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball court.

- Parquet assembled.

* Sports competitions floors, outdoor versatile floor includes:

- Flexibility good, reduce shock, reduce injuries while playing and practicing.

- The ball’s bouncing with precision, creating precision in sports competition.

- Anti-slip, safe travel.

- High reliability, long service life.

- Anti burns caused by cigarette butts, safe characterized fireproof and non-toxic.

- Easy to clean and do not need regular maintenance.

  • Swimming pool:

- Indoor

- Outdoor

- Pool equipment:

- Water treatment system: pH, chlorine inspection and processing machine

- Water filtration systems

- Water heating systems by Solar technology

- Equipment and other accessories: pool cleaning equipment, water treatment chemicals, ....

  • Gym, fitness center:

Supply and installation:

- Floor protection carpets,

- Equipments

  • Playground and children game houses:

Products chosen by Tan Long guide to children's safety, so the request is choosing good quality products in order to minimize the risk of injury to children during play:

- The safest playfield.

- Very durable.

- Use in all weather conditions.

- effective cost

- Diversity color

- multipurpose

- Low maintenance cost

- Good drainage.

- Can be vividly combined

- Resistance to abrasion, anti-slip and concave.

- Friendly to environment.


Supply and installation of lawns:

- There are 2 types of grass can be used for the golf course: artificial and natural grass.

* With the mini golf, the choice of artificial turf helps optimize the cost:

- Creating beauty to gardens, premises with mini golf to practice, put the passion to play golf.

- There is softness consistent with ball rolling road and shooting speed.

* With professional golf courses, the selection of natural grass is always optimal solution

- The grass seeds are sown by pure imported from the US, Europe

- Dark green, slim grass leaves: beauty creation.

- Tough and thick body weeds interwoven to form carpets fully covered the surface.

- Grass roots embedded deep in the sand: grass surface helps peeling.

- The fairways are very nice, creates high precision.

Automatic floating irrigation system:

- Use in buildings football pitches, golf courses, landscapes, farms, parks and greenery, artificial rain system.

- Can rotate from 40-360 degrees to irrigate evenly over the surface.

- Automatic operation according to preset programs.

- Can set time for irrigation, auto shut down when it rains.

- Save water.

  • Lighting systems for sports grounds:

* Supply and installation of lighting systems:

- Indoor: stadium

- Outdoor: stadiums, tennis courts and other sports grounds.

* Supply and installation of sports equipment:

- Sports competitions and training equipments: tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, football, athletics, ...

- Equipments for martial arts: judo, boxing, fencing, wrestling, ...

- sidelines seat system for gymnasiums, stadium: fixed and mobile.

- Electronic board system displaying information about game, scoring ...